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Community Festival

12:00 till 7pm, Saturday 27 July 2024

About TriFest

TriFest is a free community event open to all who want a fun day in the park. Why TriFest? It is the festival at Bitterne Park Triangle.

We will have a range of local musicians performing, along with local traders and community organisations stalls, Games, a dog show ran by Second Chance animal rescue (enter on the day), food, and artwork projects, and the Beer Tent bar run by the Butcher’s Hook.

TriFest is run by a small group of volunteers and comes under the umbrella of Friends of Riverside Park.

If you want to have a stall or get involved, email Paul Jenks Festival Coordinator at trifesthome@gmail.com 

We have been made aware that in using the name TriFest we have inadvertently used a registered trademark of the Triumph Owners Motor Cycle  Club (TOMCC).  We apologise for doing so. The TOMCC has agreed (at no charge) to license us to use the name TriFest providing it relates only to the festival held at  Bitterne Park Triangle/Riverside Park and that at no stage do we use the name TriFest on any merchandise we may produce without their express permission to do so.

TOMCC are under no obligation to grant this license and we appreciate their generosity in allowing us to continue to use the name

The TRIFEST marks are the trademarks of Triumph Owners ’ Motor Cycle Club C.I.C. and are used with permission.

TriFest is partnered with Friends of Riverside Park.