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Community Festival

12:00 till 7pm, Saturday 22 July 2023

Dog Show at TriFest

Run by Second Chance Animal Rescue, Enter on the day, STARTS 1:30PM.

The dog show is a fun, entry on the day, event. All shapes & sizes welcome.

Based in Southampton. We are a small rescue that deals with dogs, cats, small animals, and wildlife. We have a dedicated team of volunteers that enable us to help as many animals as we possibly can. For over 30 years we have been helping animals find new homes that they can be happy in, but as always, there are more animals that need help than there are homes. Some of the many things we do here are: - to hand-raise orphaned animals, and in the case of wildlife, release them back into the wild when they are old enough; vaccinate and microchip all animals for rehoming, and treat any illness or injury of the animals in our care.

Our website is www.secondchanceanimalrescue.co.uk, here you can find out more about which animals are in desperate need of loving homes.

Schedule & Info

Judging starts at 1:30pm and ends at 4pm.

Entries £2 per class, payment on entry to each class, no registration needed.

Judges: TBC.


  1. Best Puppy 6-12months of age
  2. Best Veteran 8 years and over
  3. Best Rescue Dog from a Rescue Society
  4. Most Handsome Dog
  5. Prettiest Bitch
  6. Best Six Legs
  7. Dog the Judge would like to take home.




  • No puppies under the age of 6mths to be entered into the Dog Show
  • No bitches in season within the precincts of the Show
  • The Officials take no responsibility for loss or damage to persons, pets or property Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times
  • Please pick up after your dog

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