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Community Festival

12:00 till 7pm, Saturday 22 July 2023

Stalls & Traders at TriFest

With stalls and traders galore there is plenty to do see and buy at TriFest this year. There iseverything from face painting, crafts, plants, bees, climate action & local history and food.

A&J Sweets

We thrive to keep pocket money sweets available for everyone. Sweets from 1p makes it an excitable shopping experience with a wide variety of sweets! We also have handmade frames and resin to explore too!

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In the process of crafting beautiful wooden bikes with a team of local volunteers, Beamz aims to reduce climate change and support wildlife diversity while supporting wellbeing. 

Beamz bikes are made in Sholing from locally grown hollowed coppiced wood poles. This makes them carbon negative and much more sustainable than the high carbon producing process of modern metal bicycles. 

Nick and his wife Sarah hope to showcase the principle of wooden bike manufacturing and how it can promote the development and use of coppiced woodland, safeguarding the future of copses and the biodiversity within them.

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Bitterne Park Growing Places

A community project encouraging people to grow food in their gardens or window boxes. We distribute free seeds and organise events such as a plant trail to exchange plants and seeds.

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Bitterne Shed

Men’s Sheds are similar to garden sheds – a place to pursue practical leisure interests, to practise skills and enjoy making and mending. The difference is that garden sheds and their activities are often solitary in nature while Men’s Sheds are the opposite. They’re about social connections and friendship building, sharing skills and knowledge, and a lot of banter. Research has shown the negative impact of loneliness and isolation on health and wellbeing: loneliness and isolation can be as hazardous to our health as obesity and excessive smoking. Surveys from mental health charities are finding that millions of people report feeling lonely on a daily basis. Men typically find it more difficult to build social connections than women, and unlike women of a similar age, less older men have networks of friends and rarely share personal concerns about health and personal worries. Men's Sheds can change all of that. Sheds are about having fun, sharing skills and knowledge and gaining a renewed sense of purpose and belonging. We’re open to all men aged 18 years upwards..

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Body Shop at Home

A little about me, I'm Catherine Ziemann a former University of Southampton Environmental Science Masters student. I work self employed with The Body Shop at Home as a leader and consultant and also run my own Pilates studio based at home on Midanbury Lane. I do this so I can work from home in both my businesses alongside being a mum to my toddler daughter.  I chose The Body Shop at Home due to their incredible ethics and environmental campaigns, which I am very passionate about. Being a registered B-Corp business we operate to high ethical, sustainable and environmental standards. We are also moving towards being completely vegan by the end of this year, have forever been against animal testing and use a lot of community fair trade ingredients in our amazing products.  I love sharing our ethics, campaigns and products with my customers and the general public and regularly do events across Hampshire and West Sussex. 

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ButterflyBubs Vintage

Vintage/retro clothes enthusiasts, visit TriFest for a day of fun. My stall will be selling sustainable, divine, preloved, hand me downs. Everything from affordable dresses, coats, jackets , 90s jeans, handbags, jewellery to designer vintage, there will be something for all budgets.


Caraway charity supports lonely older people and those living with dementia and their carers in our city.  We are looking for groups who would like a talk about our charity and dementia- do get in touch at Trifest or email Katherine Barbour

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Craft tent

Handmade craft items including bags and jewellery made from recycled materials by Carol and Sylvie; hand spun and hand woven items by Kate. Handspinning and band weaving demonstration. Space to chill out with other crafters - bring your latest project! Knitters and crocheters - come and help create a unique TriFest artwork!

Darn it and Stitch

Darn it and Stitch is a local Haberdashery filled with beautiful modern fabrics for quilting and dressmaking, patterns, yarn, craft kits for all ages, all the Haberdashery you could need and so much more. We are always ready to help if you're stuck on a project and we love a chat. We also love to see what you're creating so whatever you need our friendly fully inclusive and accessible family run shop is perfect for you. 26 Manor Farm Rd, Southampton SO18 1NP, United Kingdom

Drawn by Emma

Drawn By Emma is local to Southampton. In fact, so local, you will be able to see her flat from Riverside Park! She designs cards for all occasions, as well as drawing on inspiration from nature. Visit her stall to top up your stash of cards, as well as browsing her selection of wrapping paper, prints, fabric bottle bags and tote bags.

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Fat Panda Handmade Jewellery

Hello, my name is Amy and I run Fat Panda Handmade Jewellery along with my husband Richard & my son Thomas. We’re a small local business that we started 2 years ago. We sell crystal and semi-precious stone jewellery & headbands, crystal, sun-catchers & dream-catchers. 

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Friends of Riverside Park

The Friends work in partnership with the City Council to help promote the park and represent the views of park users as well as helping to create a sustainable, environmentally friendly place for people to relax and play.

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Friends of the Itchen Estuary

Aims – to be an advocacy, campaigning, and community engagement group for the Itchen Estuary’s natural value including its 1. biodiversity and ecology 2. value for mental and physical well-being 3. recreational value 4. carbon emissions mitigation value 5. capacity for urban cooling during our increasingly hot summers 6. Working and engaging with allied community, sports, recreational and nature groups.

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Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust

For over 60 years Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust have protected the wildlife and wild places of Hampshire, the Island and our local seas. As a charity, our work is only made possible through the generosity of people like you who support us. Thank you. 

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Highbridge Permaculture

Plant/farm stall

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Positive Money

Positive Money Solent are the local group of the Positive Money organisation. We exist to promote education and debate about how the world of banking and finance work today. We campaign to bring the Bank of England back into public control and increase regulation of banking and finance to protect the public and the economy. We are a non-party organisation in which people of a range of political views cooperate for a common aim. To contact PMS see our Facebook page, Southampton group of Positive Money Supporters. Positive Money Solent are also in cooperation with Unite Community Southampton Branch who are launching a Tenants Union in Southampton.

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Pretty little things

Pretty little things Pocket money toys, bath bombs, soaps etc. Fiona Cambell Pretty little things by Fi (facebook group)

Read easy Southampton

We provide free, confidential one to one coaching for adults who wish to learn to read or want help to improve their reading skills. Those receiving coaching are called Readers and are matched with their own personal coach. A Reader and Coach meet twice a week in a safe space such as a library, but care is taken to ensure they have privacy. The emphasis is on building a relationship of trust and making sure the learning process is both flexible and fun.

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Respect the River

A partnership between the Friends of Chessel Bay and SCC to promote the aim of a clean and pollution free city river, focusing on the tidal section of the Itchen in Southampton. Activities include liaising with river users and businesses, collating pollution concerns, investigating and communicating best practice for tackling these concerns, public engagement.

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Riverside Park Railway

Owned and maintained by Southampton Society of Model Engineers. Run train rides every Sunday throughout the summer and at TriFest on 22nd July.

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Sarker Celebrations

Come to the Sarker Celebrations stall for all your facepainting and glitter needs! Find us on Facebook and/or Instagram

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SCC greenspaces

Providing conservation and survey volunteering opportunities in Southampton’s many semi-natural green spaces. Running a Ranger Service to improve habitats and access to green spaces across the city. Working with residents and community groups to support the Green City plan and improve green space connectivity.

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Southampton Climate Action

Creating connections for a healthy, sustainable city

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Southampton Cycle Campaign

Southampton Cycling Campaign is an enthusiastic volunteer group promoting cycling as a healthy, sustainable form of transport. Our vision is to make the city and surrounding areas safe for people to cycle regardless of their age, background or ability.

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Southampton & District Beekeepers Association

Southampton and District Beekeepers Association was formed in 1941 from its predecessor the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Beekeepers Association. The purpose is to promote the hobby of keeping bees, we offer an introduction course plus a great deal of practical know-how and theoretical knowledge. Members come from Southampton and surrounding areas and sell Hive Products such as Wax and Honey. You can rely on the products bought from a local producer to be unadulterated and the Beekeeper can tell you where the bees have been foraging, unlike purchases from Supermarkets.

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Southampton Friends of the Earth

Local action groups are part of a large network supported with plenty of expertise, training, resources and lobbying power. They're made up of people like you, and together they’ll bring about big systemic change. Together we can boost the impact of every local win. We can look to each other for inspiration. We can find strength in numbers to push for big national change.

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Southampton Greenpeace

Greenpeace Southampton campaign on national and international issues.  In July the campaign is to stop Deep Sea Mining - before it starts.  Come and take action on our stall.

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THE EEL RUN at Trifest Festival

Open access printmaking session from 12-2pm. Join local artists and printmakers Deborah Gearing and Mandy Smith for an open access printmaking session helping to make a large collaborative printed eel artwork, which will be displayed during Trifest in Riverside Park. The session is part of the year-long art project called THE EEL RUN raising awareness of the globally threatened species the European eel - Anguilla anguilla, which used to dwell in abundance in the River Itchen. As well as enjoying an afternoon of printmaking you can also learn some amazing eel facts! If you have memories, stories and sightings of eels in the river we would also love to hear about them! For further information email Deborah & Katie on eelrunproject@gmail.com

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Tim Kiver Foundation

The charity is a small family run charity that has been running for three years. We provide support to adults and parents of children who suspect that they have or are diagnosed with ADHD. The support we offer is through 1 to 1 support and running three Peer Support Groups per month (One at Asda Marlands for the Southampton community, one online for those that prefer to meet digitally and for people living outside our area and one for the Portsmouth community – relaunching in July 2023). To date we have helped over 300 adults who either have ADHD symptoms or are parents of children with ADHD symptoms. ADHD Awareness is equally important, and we normally go out into public spaces with our Vintage Coffee Caravan (Cakes 4 Causes CIC) to talk to the public about what ADHD is and how it affects people. We also find that on most occasions, we can give someone that “light bulb” moment when they realise that rather than just being lazy, disorganised, and distracted by nature, they in fact have a condition that can be managed; and with support have a less chaotic and more positive, fulfilled life experience.

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TriFest is partnered with Friends of Riverside Park.