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Community Festival

12:00 till 7pm, Saturday 27 July 2024

Info for Helpers

Help us run Trifest

Trifest is run by volunteers and we could always do with some extra help, particularly on the day.

10 am-12 pm

We particularly need people to help us put tents up, help stallholders get their stalls set up, set out games, and direct people around the site ready for the start of the festival.  No particular skill or strength is needed and we have people to instruct and advise.

12-7 pm

Is a fairly easy time, honestly it is, the cooperative nature of TriFest means people help each other out.  We still need a couple of people to just make sure things are running smoothly.  Also, we have a first aid kit but could do with a trained first aider or two to assist us.

7-8:30 pm

What goes up must come down.  We need help to get the tents down and pack everything away. If you can help please email us at 


The TRIFEST marks are the trademarks of Triumph Owners ’ Motor Cycle Club C.I.C. and are used with permission.

TriFest is partnered with Friends of Riverside Park.