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TriFest Logo, line illustration of Bitterne Park Triangle Clock Tower

Community Festival

12:00 till 7pm, Saturday 22 July 2023

Info for Helpers

Help needed

In order to keep the festival free we are reliant on people volunteering to help run things on the day.

We particularly need help setting things out and putting tents up between 10-12pm on the day and taking them down between 7-8:30pm (they come down quicker than they go up!) no expertise needed, we will have people to advise and assist.

Helping stallholders set up.

Helping keep the site clean & safe throughout the day.

If you can help, even if only for part of the day, please get in touch.


Paul Jenks Festival coordinator

07919 440337

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TriFest is partnered with Friends of Riverside Park.