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Community Festival

12:00 till 7pm, Saturday 27 July 2024

Information for Stall holders

Traders pitch fees

We are determined to keep TriFest a free festival open to all, regardless of income. But it is not free to put on. Replacement of kit, advertising, insurance, licence fees etc all add up. So we need to take what we hope is a fair & reasonable share of the profits from traders.  A pitch (unless otherwise agreed) is a patch of grass.  You will need to bring everything you need with you.

Charities, Community organisations and groups.

There is no charge at all. While you are free to promote your organisation and sell items to support it, we need to point out that unfortunately our licence conditions do not permit raffles, tombolas, or collections other than an on field collection to support the costs of TriFest.

Local independent small traders selling goods on the day.

There is no pitch fee but we ask for a contribution of 10 % of your NET profit.

Traders promoting services or goods that will be delivered at another time.

Such as trial Gym membership or a product where you would later give an estimate for installation.

The pitch fee is £30 fixed price.

If you are interested please email us at 


The TRIFEST marks are the trademarks of Triumph Owners ’ Motor Cycle Club C.I.C. and are used with permission.

TriFest is partnered with Friends of Riverside Park.